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shannen, sixteen. i’m sorry i don’t have time to blog here anymore!!!!1

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That’s all you ever need to know.

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hi I don’t know how to gif anymore I’m sorry I tried bye

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Happy new year guys! I hope all of you have a much greater year ahead of you… May it bring you more blessings, happiness and contentment :———)



this is late in some countries lol because im really lazy sorry but lets start with some really special people first who got really close to me at some point and are those who i always talk to aka girlfriends hehe (alphabetical order):

arianazgrande arigrandes babymalik blownaways cantbetamed captivatingsky daniellamonets edgeofdestiny electricflows elizabethgillies fallenforgrande flameofembers flawlessbieber fuckyeahcyrus getnakedmiley hesmilewesmile itsjasmines jessemccartneys juicyjustin justalibertywalk justariana justinbieberspam nickelodeonkids ofjustindrews ofselenamaries priceofbeauties pauliebleeker selenags selenamgomez sincerelystratford somewhereinstratford stunningbieber sweetiebiebs verifiedbelieber yezirswagyounghollywoodcelebs 

here are the rest, thanks for making my dash perf:

alivebycandlelights andlastgoodbyes arianasgrandes arianaslaugh arianegrande arianassings artpopist beautyandbeat biebeur blamestyles brustin buterabenzo cafewednesdays cherlloyds cutieariana deemolitions edsheerun effyeahgomez fadingkindafasts foxybieber frankiesariana ggaga givealittleloves giventheworld grandesariana hazaster happinessishardtofind honeymoonavenue horany kidrauhl lickinglovato lightthefuze lovoto marstolove morningsuns ofabeautifulnight ofcheshires osnapitzaris outofskies princebiebers ratchetgrande rauhl rightshere rockmafias samconcepcion steferine stratfordsfinest tinyari thebuteras theplasticroses therussos unbrokens ushouldpickme worldoffeelings wordsofwisdoms yearauhl 

im really sorry if i forgot someone! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

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